How to Get Rid of Vellus Hair on Face

Vellus hair is defined as light colored, peach fuzzy hair that often covers the body of an individual during childhood. However, vellus hair can still show up in adults – especially women. Although they aren’t easily noticeable, the presence of vellus hair can be incredibly bothersome for most women, particularly on the cheek area. Typically, this makes it harder for them to apply their makeup, producing a less than perfect feature.

Nowadays however, it’s possible to get rid of peach fuzz for a smoother complexion. For women who are having this particular problem, following are some known remedies regarding the problem.


Waxing can be done at home or at the salon, whichever you prefer. It involves placing a wax removal item on the skin, covering it with a patch and pulling towards the opposite direction of hair growth. It can be painful, but it takes longer for the hair to grow since they are basically pulled by the roots. There are currently several products that can be used for waxing, but most of them are for darker hair found on the legs. If you intend to use them on vellus hair, it’s best to use products specially formulated for peach fuzz such as Surgi-wax Assorted Maple Honey Wax Strips For Face Upper Lip, Chin & Cheek, 16 Strips (Pack of 3) by Surgiwax. The mentioned product has a fairly good feedback rating and offers strips that cover not just the upper lips but also the chin, brow and cheeks.


Epilation refers to the removal of body hair including the roots. The word itself may refer to different procedures including waxing or plucking. Typically though, epilation involves the use of an electrical device that is run over the hair. It efficiently pulls out large quantities of hair at the same time. Since vellus hair tends to be thinner and smoother however, it usually necessitates a special kind of epilator to target peach fuzz. A good example would be the Epilady Esthetic – Delicate Facial Epilator by Epilady. It has been specifically designed for facial hair and is much more sensitive than regular counterparts. The product has gotten good reviews too and is lightweight.


Threading is a practice that originated in Eastern countries and is most often used for eyebrow shaping. It’s extremely popular in females today because it takes until 6 weeks to grow back again. Threading used a spool of thread, rolling it around the eyebrows and capturing individual strands along the string. Once trenched, the string is pulled upwards, taking the hair and roots along with it. The thoroughness of the technique also makes it perfect for the removal of vellus hair. Although threading is most often done in a salon, you have the option of doing it yourself at home. There’s a product called R.E.M. Spring Facial Hair Remover by R.E.M. Spring that offers the same results as threading. It’s fairly easy to use and works the same way with the same level of accuracy. Users simply have to roll the spring along the area with vellus hair and it attaches to the strands, pulling them out by the roots.

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