Top 3 Best Waxing Strips For Underarms

Shaving your underarms to get rid of unwanted hair can be very painful. It’s the most annoying thing a woman can do to her armpit. This is because it has to be done multiple times a week. If you’re like those millions of women around the world who hate shaving, then you might want to get a waxing strip designed for your underarm so you wouldn’t have to shave.

Although you can always go to a salon to have your underarm waxed, it’s just too expensive. Doing your own waxing at home isn’t just convenient but it’s also very affordable. Compared with the fact that you need to shave every two days, waxing is relatively painless. Unlike shaving, waxing leaves your skin smooth for at least a week.

This review is about the best waxing strips designed for underarms. The details provided below may help you in arriving at a purchasing decision quicker than if you search the products yourself. If you want less mess when getting rid of unwanted hair on your armpit, then these products can give you the result that you want. The results of our reviews are based on actual testing and customer reviews and feedback.

sally hansen underarm wax strips review 1. Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kit Underarms

Average Cost: $6.00

It’s not messy. It also doesn’t involve heating up the wax so you can avoid burning your underarms. With this product, you’ll have clean-shaven underarm that can last about a week or two, depending on your hair. It may hurt a bit but the result is all worth it.


  • It can work on short and long hair.
  • It reduces appearance of hair re-growth.
  • This product is salon-tested and dermatologist-recommended.
  • It includes finishing oil to make your skin smooth after waxing.


  • It’s not for beginners.
  • It may cause allergic reactions to some users.
veet underam wax strips review 2. Veet Bikini and Underarm Wax Strips with Easy Grip

Average Cost: $8

It’s designed to get rid of underarm stubble found in those smaller, delicate areas. The use of this product will give you silky smooth skin for days or weeks. The package contains 16 wax strips and 4 finish wipes that you can use to remove excess wax.


  • There’s no preparation time as the strips are ready to use.
  • The strips are also great for other parts of the body.
  • You can easily control where you want the strips to be placed.


  • It doesn’t work well on coarse hair.
  • You may need to re-apply the strips for a few times before you receive better results.
nads undearm wax strips review 3. Nad’s Body Wax Strips for Normal Skin

Average Cost: $7.00

The strips are made of softer fabric technology. In one pack, you’ll find 24 ready-to-use wax strips. It’s quick and easy to remove unwanted hair anytime. Overall, this is a decent product. The wax strips work well on the underarm.


  • It causes minimal pain.
  • It’s easy to use as it heats pretty quickly.
  • It can get almost all hair.


  • The wax can be difficult to wash off.
  • Some hair will break when pull off.

Tips To Wax Your Underarms

These products are very useful to make it easier for you to get rid of your unwanted hair. While they make it simpler to wax your underarm hair, it’ll take a few tries to perfect the waxing technique. Listed below are waxing techniques that you can use at home to make the above-mentioned products work for you.

1. Hair must be in its proper length

Underarm waxing can only be effective if your underarm hair is in its proper length. If it’s too short, it might not properly stick to the wax. Ideally, the length must be about ¼ inch long.

2. Underarm must be clean and dry.

Before you begin to wax, you must make sure that the area is clean and dry. If it’s sweaty, the wax won’t stick to the hair. If it has deodorant, it’ll be hard for the wax to stick to the hair.

3. Pull your underarm skin as tightly as possible.

Holding your arm up high won’t make the wax to come off well. This is because your skin folds get stuck. To completely remove the hair from its roots, you must pull your skin as tightly as possible; then, apply the wax strip before pulling it.

4. Use the wax strip specific for the underarm.

In this way, the wax strips are in proper size and fit well on your underarm. You don’t have to cut them to certain sizes.

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