Top 3 Best Wax Strips For Legs

Are you sick of shaving to get rid of your unwanted hair? Are you suffering from skin irritations as a result of shaving? Maybe, it’s time for you to try the waxing techniques. There are tons of benefits that can help you decide whether or not it’s the right thing to do, especially on your legs.

One of the best things about waxing over shaving is the fact that the result can last longer. The reason for this is that the wax can pull the hair from its roots, instead of from the surface. Because of that, it won’t cause cuts or nicks leaving you with scars. This is especially beneficial if you’ve very sensitive skin that’s susceptible to discoloration.

But what’s the best wax strips product that you can use for your legs? In this list, you’ll find 3 of the best wax strips that can be applied to remove unwanted hair on your legs. Each of them has its own pros and cons. So if you are having a hard time finding the best wax strips for your legs, check out our reviews based on customer ratings and feedback.

Please note that it is a must that you do a patch test first before fully using these products. This is to make sure how the body will react to the product, whether you are allergic to it or not.

1. Veet Ready-to-Use Wax Strips Leg and Body

Average Cost: $10

If you’re not a big fan of pre-made wax strips, then you’re going to love this product. It works not just on your legs but also on the underarms, bikini and face. The strips don’t need heating up using your hands but it does work in removing the unwanted hair. This is great especially if you’re doing the waxing at home. It’s easy-to-use and you will like it.


  • You don’t need to heat the strips up before applying them to your skin.
  • There’s no need to cut the strips into certain sizes.
  • They do the job well, as long as you used them correctly.
  • The strips are also great for small areas.


  • The strips can’t be used for the bikini line.
  • There is a wax residue if the wax isn’t warm enough before application.

With this product, there’s no need for you to purchase an expensive wax to get rid of unwanted hair. These ready-to-use strips can be easily applied. You can also cut them to certain sizes if needed.

parissa wax strips for legs review 2. Parissa Wax Strips for the Legs

Average Price: $12

This isn’t a disappointment when it comes to results. It doesn’t cause a mess during application. The wax strips work as they should, though it would hurt at first.


  • It’s cheap yet easy to use.
  • The results can last a long time.
  • It doesn’t need for you to shower before application.
  • It’s not too painful to apply.
  • You can re-use the strips for a few times.


  • You’ll have to learn how to apply the strips properly so it’ll work.
  • It requires heating up before application so the wax strip will have more hair to take off.

These wax strips are great alternative if you don’t feel like making a mess while removing unwanted hair on the legs. There’s no waiting time or heating time. And each box has several strips. Overall, the wax strips are comfortable making you feel like you’re not waxing at all.

sally hansen leg wax strips 3. Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kit for Legs, Body, Bikini

Average Price: $6

This kit contains dual-sided wax strips with different sizes. The larger ones are for larger areas, like your legs. This kit also comes with a conditioning oil that you can use after waxing.


  • It has several strips that you can use for different parts of your body.
  • The price is affordable considering how effective the strips are.
  • The result is impressive.


  • You’ll need to practice before you can use the strips properly.
  • The strips aren’t that effective on bikini areas.

The overall result is impressive considering how easy and painless it is to use the strips on your legs. They also work on arms that are covered with fine hair. These strips will have your legs smooth in no time.

You may say that you’ve used these products but they didn’t work. But did you do it correctly?

Listed below are some of the things that you can do to learn how to wax your legs like a professional. When it comes to waxing your legs, you mustn’t expect it to be as easy as it looks. With a little time and effort, you can get your legs smooth without the high price tag.

1. Grow your leg hair out

Make sure that it’s 1/4 –inch long before you use wax strips. However, if your hair is longer than ½ inch, you might consider trimming the hair down using hair clippers. Don’t use scissors as they can make your hair too short.

2. Use pre-wax cleanser

The products listed above have pre-wax cleanser that you can use before applying the strips. After applying the cleanser, you may also apply a light powder. But don’t put more powder as more isn’t always better.

3. Apply it evenly

You must apply enough wax so it’ll thoroughly cover your hair. But don’t overdo it as it’ll be harder to remove.

4. Cover the area with strip

After applying the wax, you may cover it with strip. It must be placed in the direction of hair growth. Make sure that the hair attaches to the strip by pressing your hand over the strip in the direction of hair growth.

5. Remove strip in the opposite direction

In one quick pull, remove the strip into the opposite direction of your hair growth. Don’t pull the strip up. If there’s a bit of wax remaining, you can re-use the strip on hair and pull it off.

6. Use after-wax lotion

You may use an aloe-based lotion to soothe your skin after waxing it. The wax residue can be removed by applying baby oil or petroleum jelly.

By following these tips, you’ll surely have smoother leg skin without spending a lot in a salon for a wax session.

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